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You are the nurse in a busy family practice clinic. A new patient presents with a personal health record (PHR). This is the first time that you have encountered a PHR. What are the advantages to PHRs? What are ways that you may access the patients PHR? What may be some obstacles that you encounter?

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Personal health records (PHRs) are becoming increasingly common in healthcare settings. As a nurse in a busy family practice clinic, you may encounter patients with PHRs. It is important to understand the advantages of PHRs, how to access them, and potential obstacles that may arise.

Advantages of PHRs:

1. Improved patient engagement: PHRs allow patients to actively participate in their healthcare by providing access to their own health information. This promotes patient engagement and involvement in decision-making processes related to their care.

2. Comprehensive health information: PHRs can store a wide range of health information, including medical history, medication lists, allergies, immunizations, and test results. This comprehensive view of the patient’s health enables healthcare professionals to have a holistic understanding of their patients’ health status.

3. Accessible and portable: PHRs can be accessed by the patient and healthcare providers from any location, as long as there is an internet connection. This portability ensures that important health information is readily available in emergency situations or when patients visit different healthcare settings.

Ways to access patients’ PHRs:

1. Secure electronic systems: Many PHRs are maintained through secure electronic systems, often accessible through a web portal. Healthcare professionals can access these systems using authorized login credentials provided by the patient or their designated representative.

2. Integration with electronic health records (EHRs): Some PHRs are integrated with EHR systems, which allows healthcare providers to access patients’ PHRs within their usual electronic record systems. This integration streamlines the process of retrieving and reviewing PHR information.

3. Patient-provided access: Patients can grant healthcare professionals access to their PHRs by sharing login credentials or by providing access through secure sharing platforms. It is essential to ensure that proper privacy and security measures are followed when accessing patients’ PHRs.

Potential obstacles:

1. Incomplete or inaccurate information: PHRs rely on patients to input and update their own health information. Thus, there may be instances where the data in the PHR is incomplete or inaccurate, leading to potential gaps in patient care or incorrect treatment decisions.

2. Privacy and security concerns: As with any electronic health records, PHRs raise concerns about privacy and security. Healthcare professionals must ensure that they adhere to strict privacy and security protocols when accessing patients’ PHRs to protect sensitive health information.

3. Technological barriers: Some patients may have limited access to technology or may struggle with using electronic platforms. This can pose challenges in accessing and utilizing their PHRs effectively. Healthcare providers should offer support and assistance to patients who require help navigating PHRs.


As a nurse in a family practice clinic, encountering patients with PHRs is becoming more common. Understanding the advantages, ways to access PHRs, and potential obstacles is crucial for providing quality healthcare. PHRs offer numerous benefits, including improved patient engagement and accessibility to comprehensive health information. Accessing patients’ PHRs can be done through secure electronic systems, integration with EHRs, or patient-provided access. However, obstacles such as incomplete or inaccurate information, privacy concerns, and technological barriers may arise. By addressing these challenges, healthcare professionals can harness the potential of PHRs to enhance patient care and outcomes.

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