Team-working,negotiation, public speaking, focus and attention

You have 4 skills to talk about them : team-working,negotiation, public speaking, focus and attention. For all the skills you have 5 questions : 1.What is the core skill? 2.Why is this core skill important? Why did you select this skill to reflect on?(use relevant theories and concepts to support your answer) 3. Reflect on your current competent regarding this skill.How did you assess your competence?(use your self-assessment findings ,feedback from peers and your tutor ,plus your own reflections on your thoughts ,feelings and behaviours to answer this questions). 4.Can you identify any contradictions from your analysis above? For example is there a match between how you see yourself and how others see you ,or not ? 5.How will this skill help me in the future ?(use references to support your argument) TO EVERY ONE OF THOSE SKILLS FIRST WRITE THE QUESTIONS JUST AS WRITEN ABOVE AND AFTER THE ANSWER. After that we have the second part with ANALYSIS and ACTION PLAN 1.Strengths 2.weaknesses And the last part is with the REFERENCES

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