Evolution of Lupus drug resistance

5 page paper * MLA FORMAT * Book: Evolutionary Analysis by Herron * Paper is suppose to be written on how evolution is still occurring within a selected topic  Macro details: Please talk about what LUPUS is, it’s symptoms, signs, who it affects, what demographic is mainly affected, what part of the world it mainly affects, typically prognosis, * Micro details: Then talk about lupus in microbiology terms what the disease is doing inside the body. How the immune system is compromised. How the cells, proteins, enzymes, etc are * Then pick a drug and how and why it worked cellularly then go on to why it doesn’t work. How the body and cells are evolving and creating this drug resistance * The goal of this essay is to show how evolution is still relevant and still happening among us * This one half of my grade so it needs to be amazing * Chapter one that book is amazing and will give you great insist on how this paper should resemble.

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