Marketing metrics – cannibalization rate

Your presentation should be based on the textbook/PowerPoint slides provided and focus on an example you research individually. Since you are provided with the content (the purpose of metric, construction/formula, considerations) upfront, you should focus on finding/developing a relevant example/mini case. This should be based on real data, for a real company/brand. You are to avoid re-using the examples discussed in the class and textbook. Merely submitting a basic discussion of the metric without any value-added analysis will get you a low/poor grade. Good analysis of metrics is expected to beyond the content covered in the class. Your example can be based on library database information (MarketLine/Datamonitor, Passport GMID/ Euromonitor, IBIS, Mintel), the business press, annual reports, etc. Use relevant and reliable sources of business information. Reference the source of data.

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