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Paper will contextualize the subject in its africa architecture. Although 3-4 sources will be included, you are expected to write your paper using your own thinking, style, and voice. Format: Follow standard Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) paper format; find copies of Diane Hacker’s handbook for easy reference, at the library. When you find a reference on- line in our web resources,, the correct format for the source will be constructed for you. 1) You don’t need to add a title page. 2) You do need a title; page numbers; footnotes or endnotes; works cited. 3) 5-page paper, double space, 12 point font, 1-1.5 inch margins. 4) Name, date, and title on the first page of the paper. 5) Turn in one print copy, and one electronic copy Content: Genre and Analysis: Because this is a Visual Studies course, you will want to take a close look at various perspectives in writing about your subject.

They may originate from a variety of sources, including ones you have witnessed in person. Because you’ll focus on a visual artifact for your topic, or a performance, you’ll also include a close visual analysis, describing and discussing your subject’s visual features (whether an object/prop, place, piece of architecture, storytelling, character/character development, effects of directing, use of fashion/fashion influence, etc.), identifying information. Then you might focus on the object’s history, use, past/present meaning in its context. Context may be relative to a place, a region, country; context may also be relative to other world arts of its type, for example buildings, photographs, fashion. How you situate your object or subject will depend on how you narrow your topic choice. How has the context of your subject influenced your understanding and appreciation for the work or the culture it’s located in? What was new, different, challenging, inspiring to you? Why? You’ll make a claim about your topic—why is it important, interesting, or significant? How do you know, what evidence do you have to support your idea? What conclusions can you draw from your research and discussion? Are there counter-arguments you can talk about? To make reasonable claims about your subject in a 5-page paper, focus on a narrow topic, closely examine and analyze the visual artifact/film/aspect of film, etc.; develop evidence, examples, illustrations to support your claims, make inferences about larger meanings, rhetorical devices in writing about the work, draw conclusions

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