For this assignment, you will participate in a class discussion


For this assignment, you will participate in a class discussion about the topic of Ethics in Project Management and Society from the Week 1 reading/video assignment and PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. You are required to develop and post an initial response and then reply to two other classmates per the instructions below. You are welcome to use any additional source you find appropriate for this assignment. Remember to cite and list your references. 

For your initial response write and post a substantive response to one of the following:

1. How would you define: honesty, integrity, loyalty, & service from the perspective of a Project Manager?  How are these concepts implemented in the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct?

2. What are the key elements of the PMP Code of Professional Conduct? Do you feel they cover all the issues that may arise in practice? If not, what issues are missing from the Code?  Explain your responses. 

Your initial submission should be approximately 550-650 words. Your summary should include APA 6.0 compliant in-text citations and references. (If you are new to APA style please see the APA style references located from the Citation Styles Link under the eCourse Portal QEP Tutorials page.

For full credit, you are required to actively participate in discussions by responding to the discussion question and replying to the responses of other students. Your initial response to the discussion question should be a substantive post that demonstrates your achievement of the discussion question requirements/intent. 

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