Your supervisor, Sophia, Ballot Online director of information technology, has


Your supervisor, Sophia, Ballot Online director of information technology, has tasked you with creating a presentation that will convince the executives that using cloud-based computing to accommodate Ballot Online future growth rather than trying to expand the current infrastructure will help the company do business faster and at lower cost while conserving IT resources.


Create a high-level proposal for a compliance program for Ballot Online that enables the organization and its employees to conduct itself in a manner that is in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. 

The proposal will be one to two pages in length and should take the form of a high-level outline or flowchart showing the different components and relationships among the components. 

Include the following elements that are generally found in an effective program:

● Identification of company employees who have oversight over the program, their roles, and responsibilities

● List of high-level policies and/or procedures that may be required

● List of high-level training and education programs that may be required

● Relationships between components of the program, including (but not limited to):

○ communication channels

○ dependencies

● Identification of enforcement mechanism 

● Identification of monitoring and auditing mechanisms

● How will responses to compliance issues be handled, and how will corrective action plans be developed?

● How are risk assessments handled?

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