Your Skills … Their Business Need Identify one employer in

Your Skills … Their Business Need

Identify one employer in your area that you could see yourself working for (Cisco). This should be a new employer that you haven’t worked for in the past nor are you currently working for.

Write a brief summary overview of your selected employer.

Questions to answer in your first response:

What does the company produce? Or what service/services do they provide? What is the main source of their revenue?

Who are their competitors? Is your selected company leading in their target market? Are they considered established or new?

What does their vision / mission statement include?

What do you think that employer needs to do in order to be successful or remain successful?

What are some activities that they should be doing to stay relevant or to become more relevant within their target market?

In your second post, write a brief summary of your strengths and skills and explain how they align with the company’s direction.

What business need do you solve? How do you solve it?

What skills do you have or need to have to be of value?

Why should they hire you?

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