You will follow instructions and learn or research about scientists,

 You will follow instructions and learn or research about scientists, followed by writing a short 1-2 page reflection paper. Please be sure to follow the instructions and answer the questions associated with your paper.

 Scientist Spotlight #2: the discovery of DNA
Scientist Spotlight represents a writing assignment that is designed to improve and clarify perceptions of
scientists in society. This assignment is based on numerous studies* that have shown that introducing students to diverse examples of scientists helps the following:
_ Shifts students’ descriptions of scientists towards non – stereotypical descriptions
_ Enhance students’ ability to see their possible selves in science by increasing relatability
_ Shift students’ interest towards science
_ Improve engagement in STEM courses by relating to current topics in course 

 Name of Scientist You Will Research  :  Erwin Chargaff  

 For this week’s spotlight, you will find out who your scientist is and write a 1-2 page double-spaced
summary arguing that your scientist deserves the most credit for the discovery of DNA’s structure.  You can discuss who your scientist is, what kinds of studies s/he did, and why you think s/he deserves more credit than others for the discovery of DNA.  Be sure to include the specific biological ideas regarding DNA that you think your scientist contributed.  In keeping with our ongoing theme, you can also what you learn from this person about the types of people that do science.

Note: While you should feel free to use the internet, books, or other sources to help you, you should always summarize the information in your own words. Do not copy, in whole or in part, other people’s writing!  “Quotations” with a citation are okay for short excerpts.  

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