Onboarding or the process of integrating a new employee into


Onboarding or the process of integrating a new employee into a company is not a social nicety—something to be disregarded as a distraction from “real” or billable work. Given the financial cost of recruiting and the brand and morale impact of firing, onboarding should be considered an essential component of the talent management process. As cited in this module, effective onboarding is associated with higher levels of employee job satisfaction, lower turnover, better performance, and lowered stress. This is particularly important given that 90% of new employees make the decision to stay or go within the first six months.

Your Task

In your fifth rotation, you are reporting to the firm’s Employee Engagement lead. This practice is focused on ensuring the client’s ongoing return on investment in their talent. You have been assigned to develop an Onboarding presentation that the firm’s consultants will use to pitch Employee Engagement services and client HR management can use to support onboarding project (funding) proposals and to communicate the importance of onboarding to management.

For perspective, read SHRM’s New Employee Onboarding Guide (Links to an external site.) and/or search onboarding best practices. Searching onboarding best practices and then images will provide ideas for visualization. Again, the expectation is that your deliverable will be original work.

Develop a 10 slide presentation (Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.) that provides a blueprint for an effective onboarding program and why it matters, incorporating supporting examples, quotes and statistics in the slides or the notes section. Your presentation should adhere to (attributed to) Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 rule—10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 points—and Seth Godin’s advice (Links to an external site.) regarding avoiding bad slides (no templates, no clip art, no transitions).

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