you have to start your own business. It can be

you have to start your own business. It can be any business you want.
In a written assignment of 500-800 Words APA format:
 Give a short description of your business and the products/services you will provide.
 Which one of the 7 types organizational culture do you think is the best fit for your
company? Why?
 What specific steps will you take in order to establish and maintain this culture?
The 7 types of organizational culture are:
1. Innovation and risk taking
2. Attention to detail (focusing on precision and analysis)
3. Outcome orientation (focusing on results)
4. People orientation (How management decisions affect the employees)
5. Team orientation (work activities are organized around teams rather than individuals)
6. Aggressiveness (employees are aggressive and competitive rather than easy going and
7. Stability ( focusing in maintaining things the same)

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