Managing an organization also includes managing its assets, both data

 Managing an organization also includes managing its assets, both data and financial. Financial management is the art and science of managing a company’s money. The role of the financial department within an organization is to ensure there are enough funds to operate and the organization is investing wisely.At this point in the course, you should have learned quite a bit about the organization you chose to review at the beginning of the course. Now it’s time to take a look at your organization through the lens of financial management and decide if you would be willing to invest in the organization. 


You will continue to write about the company you chose in Week 1. This week, you will write on the following points below. Your submission should be approximately 2 pages long and use at least two credible resources. Research and review the website of the company you chose for most of this information needed below: 

  • Financial Background
    • Company Name and Financial Background
  • Financial Information
    • What stock exchange is the company stock traded on (ex. NYSE, NASDAQ)?
    • Price of 1 share of company stock 1 year ago
    • Price of 1 share of company stock today
    • Research why the stock rose or fell over the course of a year – did anything happen within or to the company to cause a stock increase or decrease?
  • Investment Opportunity 
    • Would you buy stock and invest in this company? Explain your decision.

General Information

  • Resources for this report:
    • The company’s corporate website is going to be the main source of information.
    • You should not copy/paste any parts of your report from a website on the internet.
    • Provide a citation for any information that is not your own. For example, if you tell how many employees a company has, then include a citation for this data to let your reader know where you got this information.
  • Your own ideas:
    • The purpose of any research is to find solid, reliable information and then to form your own ideas about your findings.
    • You do NOT cite your own ideas.
  • APA Style:
    • The template gives you a good guide to follow for APA style.
    • There are tutorials in Canvas that show you how to use APA Style and how to cite the information you find.
    • You can also get help in the Writing Assistance Center (WAC) with APA citation

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