One to two pages single spaced 2. Chose a piece


One to two pages single spaced

2. Chose a piece of media you can analyze: television show, movie, song, etc.. Tell me BRIEFLY about what the piece of media is about and then apply your sociological imagination to understanding how GLOBAL INEQUALITY is portrayed in your piece of media.

3. Make DIRECT CITABLE references to ideas from the book to support your arguments and observations about class in your piece of media.

4. Have a clear thesis statement that provides an argument. EXAMPLE: I am analyzing the show Married With Children and the portrayal of the white working class in the U.S. by discussing the misogyny attributed to the working class with Al’s hate of working to sell women’s shoes, the portrayal of his neighbor Darcy and his eventual creation of the Organization of No Ma’am. I would then write a paragraph about each one of the three examples of misogyny I identified and discuss how ideas from the readings support my interpretation of the show.

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