Instructions The Project Scope Statement is a document that outlines


The Project Scope Statement is a document that outlines the following elements:

Project Justification: Includes reasons for the project including financial reasoning and explanation of the business need.

Project Description: Provides an overview of the project

Major Deliverable: Bullets what the project will accomplish

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Success Criteria: This section must outline what a successful project looks like. It should include statements regarding customer satisfaction with the project and other topics that would measure a successful outcome.

Time and Cost Estimates: Estimate of the total time and cost of the project

Assumptions: Sometimes there are unknown variables and estimates must be made. It is an action believed to be true. An example may be an assumption that a community is in favor of a new building being constructed. If a survey was not taken to ensure community support, it is an assumption.

Constraints: This outlines restrictions that may impact the outcome of the project. All projects have time, budget, scope, and quality constraints. One time constraint may be that a project can only be worked on between the hours of 8am and 10pm due to labor laws. These types of constraints must be noted.

The project for the course will be simple: the installation of a new network that includes an upgrade of software for 100 users. The new network will replace an old network and the software upgrade is a business application that is used daily by every user. With that project in mind, how would you populate each element and what information should be included?

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